about us

Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective, formed in 2017, meets twice a month for support, community building, mutual aid, art, gardening, and transformation.

We offer friendship, understanding, and a rich openness to new ideas.  We share a dream of making a Las Vegas soteria house–an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization for people in crisis.

All who agree to our safer spaces policy are welcome, whether you have a diagnosis or not.  Any person can have an extreme state or mood–any person can experience despair, grief, fear.

We are pro-choice about medication and believe in freedom and autonomy.  We listen, care, share juice and snacks, show up, have fun, have deep discussions, and enjoy collaboration.

Radical mental health is for everyone. DIY, other-care, true love.  Come as you are.

Please contact us for current info about meeting places and times.

lasvegasradicalmentalhealth at gmail dot com

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